This patient came to the clinic with dental problems and ended up changing his whole life.

When Marcus came to the Ben Massell Dental Clinic for painful teeth, he had no idea that he would be leaving not just with healthier teeth, but a healthier mind.

Marcus sees one of the clinic's onsite social workers, Ashley. He describes Ashley as "my counselor and my best friend," and "the person who helps me as I go through life's challenges, whatever they are."

Ashley says that Marcus comes to counseling every week without fail, and works hard in their sessions together. She says he "is engaged and determined to make changes in his life."

"It's amazing how much my self esteem has improved since I started seeing Ashley. I credit her and this counseling the clinic offers for allowing me to recover. At this clinic, it isn't just your teeth they help. It's your mental health. And when your health is better, your life is better."